Mindful Maddie

Perfect for young readers, "Mindful Maddie" is an enchanting book that inspires mindfulness and joy in everyday moments. Dive into Maddie's world and unlock the magic of mindfulness and how it can fit into YOUR world.

  • EmoBuddies

    Made for grades K-2, EmoBuddies is a fun and inspiring cartoon series that teaches principles such as kindness, gratitude, self-regulation, healthy friendships & more! Watch on YouTube!

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  • Mindfulness Resources

    Games & Worksheets 

My goal is to help kids to be free of the limiting beliefs they may have about themselves.

I'm here to help our youngsters to become more mindful, resilient, and emotionally balanced while becoming friends with their emotions!

Ivy Baker is a trusted partner of schools, families and students, providing activities and games that extend the learning of mindfulness and social emotional principles.

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  • Mindful Assemblies

    Ms. Baker's Mindful Assemblies are fun, interactive and unique experiences that your students won't forget! Mindful Assemblies include SEL-based games, mindfulness exercises and original songs that students and staff will be singing for many days after!

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  • Speaking and Events

    From Mental Health events to School Assemblies to Literacy events, Ms. Baker is an energetic, positive and engaging speaker. She loves interacting with other, especially those with the same goal of empowering youth.

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