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Ms Baker

Mindful Maddie (Pre-Order)

Mindful Maddie (Pre-Order)

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Embark on a delightful journey into the world of mindfulness with Mindful Maddie! In this charming children's book, Maddie navigates difficult emotions in her everyday life using mindfulness. With vivid rhymes and captivating illustrations, readers will discover Maddie's secret to tranquility: harnessing the power of her senses in mindful ways.

From savoring the taste of chocolate to feeling the wind on her skin, Maddie's mindful practices offer a gentle reminder that inner peace is within reach for everyone. She learns to conquer challenging emotions with courage and resilience, proving that even the cloudiest moments can be brightened with mindfulness. 

Perfect for young readers and families alike, "Mindful Maddie" is an enchanting book that inspires mindfulness and joy in everyday moments. Dive into Maddie's world and unlock the magic of mindfulness!

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