About Ms. Baker

Ivy Baker is a trusted partner of schools, families and students, providing activities and games that extend the learning of mindfulness and social emotional principles. Ms. Baker has been lending her support to schools in Baltimore County and Baltimore City since 2013. She acquired her training in Restorative Practice and Teen Life Coaching certification through The Center of Social Emotional Wellness while serving at Lillie May Carroll Jackson Charter School. Under the leadership and mentorship of Damia Thomas, Rosalind Fleming and Fahari Makini, she received hands-on, comprehensive training in classroom management and restorative practices. See Ms. Baker's Visual Bio

  • SEL Initiatives

    She has helped to expand Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) initiatives across multiple schools by: teaching her Art and Mindfulness class, visiting schools to spread a positive message of mindfulness through engaging Mindful Assemblies, as well asAfterschool Enrichment classes which have been thriving since 2020in collaboration with Creative Development Studios.

  • A Safe Space

    Ms. Baker fosters an inclusive, emotionally safe environment that nurtures the developmental needs of each youth she works with. Her magnetic personality, warmth, and optimistic outlook are welcomed by both students and educators alike. With adept classroom management skills, she effortlessly establishes expectations, routines, and authentic connections.

  • Expanded Services

    Driven by her commitment to empower youth, Ms. Baker has expanded her services to include Mindset Coaching for kids and Mindful Assemblies, furthering her mission to promote mindfulness, a growth mindset, kindness, compassion and managing emotions. Through interactive games, original songs and guided practices, students will flourish as they delve into the realm of mindfulness and mastering the art of befriending their emotions.