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Mindful Assemblies Promote

Emotional Regulation

The social skills taught in Mindful Assemblies equip kids with the abilities to identify and manage emotions, collaborate with others, and thrive in various social settings throughout their lives.

Inner Happiness

Cultivating inner happiness in children helps lay the foundation for self-esteem, healthy relationships, and the ability to cope with life's challenges effectively.


Literacy in children is pivotal as it empowers them to communicate effectively, comprehend the world around them, and unlock a lifetime of learning and opportunities.

Kids Being Kids!

Kids grow up quickly in today's world, wanting to look, act, and be treated as older. Mindful Assemblies advocate for embracing childhood, letting loose, and enjoying carefree moments.

  • The Gratitude Challenge Assembly

    This 45-minute assembly for The Gratitude Challenge is a fun, energizing and exciting experience that will have young learners reflecting on the positive things in their lives. The Gratitude Challenge Experience is an introduction to kids being able to identify what they value in life, what their core values will be and linking those core values to feelings and and thoughts. Of course, we will do the Gratitude Challenge, sing the Gratitude Song and have a great time!

  • Mindful Maddie Book Reading & Mindfulness Activity

    An interactive 30 minute assembly where Mindful Maddie will be read out loud with the help of some brave students who will volunteer to act out a few scenes. We will then do a few reflection activities to make a connection to one of the feelings that Maddie experienced in the book. Students will then be led in a mindfulness activity such as fun breathing techniques that they can do anywhere.

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